À la source des lignes lointaines,2021

The work

À la source des lignes lointaines, Chourouk Hriech evokes the phantasmal worlds of Byblos and elsewhere in vast dreamlike cartographies through which migratory birds fly, symbols offlight, love and freedom.

Mixing different iconographic sources, her large scrolls of drawings reflect the stratifications of the city and its landscapes, to its fleeting and colorful avian realms.

The birds represented have not been chosen for their belonging to specific species or geographical areas, but result from the hybridization between those that the artist has encountered “in nature” or in ancient engravings in a game where observation and imagination are continuously mixed.

Chourouk Hriech uses color to signify the urgency of their disappearance and resurrect them through a collective awareness. In an aerial film and on windowpanes, she summons the moving image of a sky whose clouds and contours she tries to draw, like an impossible struggle with the elements.

A common sky where the borders between all forms of animal, organic and vegetable life would be dissipated.

Portrait of Chourouk Hriech
Chourouk Hriech


Born in 1977 in Bourg-en-Bresse. Lives and works in Marseille, France.

As part of her ongoing relationship with architecture, the French-Moroccan artist Chourouk Hriech constructs her hybrid work through drawing, inspired by the history of the places – ancient, recent, real or imaginary – she has visited or read about.

Her compositions reactivate forms – landscapes, cities and images – buried in the collective memory. Her kaleidoscopic and unexpected visions of a territory and the living are revealed through drawings on scales varying from sheet to wall, and immersive installations, like a pathway through black and white mappings conductive to daydreams and wandering.

The artist suggests new journeys through ever-changing and continuously reconfigured landscapes. She accentuates the verticality, geometry and chaotic dimension of discontinuous cities which undergo changes of scale and viewpoint and offer a physical and mental experience of space.

More recently, she extended her vocabulary to include other media such as photography, video and dance and collaborations with musicians.